Tippmann Outfitters specializes in hunting trophy Black Bear, Caribou and Moose in the Quebec area. As a full-service outfitter, we can handle all of your hunting, fishing and guiding needs, as well as Outpost Camps with exclusive hunting rights.

Black Bear Hunts

At Tippmann Outfitters, black powder and all forms of archery are welcome. We are one of the only outfitters that will retrieve your bear with a trained German Shepherd the night you down your bear, so there is no mistake from blood trails going cold.  We have multiple fresh stands for each hunter. Our kill and retrieval rate is near 100% and it is not uncommon to take multiple 350+lb bears per week, and some 500+lb bears.
Bear season ranges from May 15 to June 30. We accept deposits as soon as each season is over.  Packages start at $2200 so book early.

Migratory Labrador Caribou Hunts

When Caribou hunting at Tippmann Outfitters, we use our camp as a base to fly or drive to, with access to multiple other outpost camps throughout the area.
  • Access to multiple camps throughout the migratory path
  • Helicopter and snowmobile rental available at most camps
  • Hunting seasons throughout the winter
  • Caribou Hunting Packages including two Caribou start at $3200

Eastern Canadian Moose Hunts

Have you ever seen a mighty Eastern Canadian moose foraging in the great sprawling forest? It truly is a sight that sparks excitement in anyone. Experience that feeling for yourself with our moose hunting packages. If you ask hunters what trophy they prize the most, many would be compelled to say their moose. It is no surprise given the immense stature of this magnificent creature, who happens to be the largest member of the deer family. A mature male weighs an average of 1,215 pounds, stands up to 7 feet tall, and has an antler span between 4 and 5 feet in beam length. That’s a huge trophy!

Moose are herbivores, making the vast forests and wilderness of Canada the perfect place for them to thrive. We offer the best moose hunting that Quebec, Canada offers with our moose hunting packages. We have 3 different packages that range in both method and accommodations.
  • Road Hunts – We provide you with a moose tag and lodging, along with access to roads to track and spot moose.  This moose hunting package allows you to drive around and work to spot a potential shooter moose.
  • Outpost Moose Camp Packages – You are provided with lodging in one of our perfectly located moose camps.  These camps are deep in the brush and offer immediate access to hunting spots known to attract moose.  We provide the stands. Moose tag included.
  • Fully Guided Hunt Packages – This package includes everything listed with the Outpost Moose Camp, but it’s lead by one of our experienced guides.
With our hunting packages you will experience the best hunting that Canada has to offer. All of our moose hunting packages are offered at the peak of the hunting season, during the fall in the midst of the rut. Moose mate during September and October and many hunters claim it is by far the best time to ensure a successful hunt. Included with our road hunt packages is the use of our lodging facilities that are equipped with all the modern amenities, so you can have the hunting experience with the comforts of home. We offer you hunting grounds that span over 125,000 acres of pure wilderness fraught with the game of your dreams. Contact us today to reserve your spot on our next moose hunt.