Jack Tippmann, one of the owners, is the lead guide for every hunt. Jack has been hunting this area for years and has led countless successful bear hunts on this property. Other guides may also be present on your hunt, depending on the size of your group and the package you choose to purchase.

Tippmann Outfitters is in Zone #13. Here is a map to view Quebec Hunting Zone #13.

To learn more about Quebec black bear hunting and overall sport hunting in Quebec, please visit Quebec Black Bear, Caribou and Moose Hunting.

Early bow season runs for 15 days in September. Firearms, bow and crossbow are open for 15 days in October.

Exact dates will vary each year, but in zone #13, bow, cross bow and firearms are run at the same time for black bear hunting. The season is from mid-May to the end of June.

Vitals on a black bear sit a little higher than they do on whitetail deer, so assuming both animals are the same might cost you a trophy. The ideal kill zone is still the heart and lungs, which sets just beyond the shoulder. For our bow hunters, we recommend practicing on a 3D black bear target to familiarize yourself with the kill zone.

We require a $500 deposit, with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival.

We are located on over 80 miles of waterchain and offer custom fishing packages.

Our black bear bow hunts have been very successful, though no more or less successful than firearms. In Section #13 there is not an early bow season, so firearms and bow hunting start at the same time. Many of our visitors are so eager to get a black bear, they simply choose to use a firearm because of the range it provides. Most of our bow hunters just prefer the challenge of a bow hunt or have previously taken a black bear with a firearm.

Several of our guests buy custom built arrows, which can help to further dial in a consistent shot. We’ve bought custom arrows from several vendors, but currently buy from a craftsman at Pass Thru Custom Arrows. Obviously a top quality broad head is an important element as well. Here’s a short video of a great kill shot at Tippmann Outfitters

If you want specific dates and have a large group, sooner is much better than later. As you might imagine, the answer to this question changes every year, so you’re best bet is to drop us a line asking about availability. In most cases we’re able to offer a no obligation hold, if it’s helpful in allowing you a few days to speak with your group and make some decisions.

Each year we have 2 or 3 weeks were food packages are available at an additional cost. We offer two packages:

#1 Features a Corporate Chef and a restaurant quality menu. $500 – $750 per/person | per week

#2 Features a home style menu and bbq. $275 – $450 per/person | per week

For weeks not featuring meal package options, guests are responsible for providing food and preparation on their own.
Preparation and standard utensils are available on-site at no additional cost.

Yes. Boat rental is available for most lakes. We offer 15-25hp motors and 14-18′ deep V-Bottom boats.

Yes, in every room, as well as hot showers. Find out more about our lodge rental.

So far, the largest bear from Tippmann Outfitters was 665lbs. – cleaned. Every black bear hunting season we strive to set a new record, but as you can imagine, it’s not an easy task.

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